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   International projects play an important role in the corporate strategy of CIIC. CIIC implements a “go-out” strategy and a“double thousands” plan introducing one thousand international companies to invest in China and organizing one thousand Chinese companies to go into other countries. After more than ten years of endeavors, CIIC has established cooperation relationships in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Russia.

   CIIC keeps long-term friendships with top leaders from the United States government and businesses. Many entrepreneurs have visited CIIC and discussed issues such as construction, equipment and material purchasing, and engineering.

   National leaders from Poland and Romania have met with CIIC delegation leaders,and supported CIIC to develop projects in their own countries. Both countries are expediting infrastructure construction and urban renovation under the support of the European Union. The total project scale under negotiation in both countries is over 10 billion Euros.

   CIIC has sent a working group to Pakistan to engage in real estate and industrial park development projects. With the implementation of the projects, CIIC has established mutual trust and cooperative systems with all the parties concerned in Pakistan. In consideration of the source between Pakistan and the Middle East, CIIC plans to enter into the Middle East market making use of the resources of Pakistan.

   CIIC will build bases of green products and commodities in Heilongjiang Province which will be exported to Russia which will greatly improve the economies of Heilongjiang Province and Russia.CIIC will build a processing and logistic system in Central Asia which will radiate from Russia.

   The “go-out” strategy carried out by CIIC is forward thinking. Now is a golden time for Chinese companies to develop and there is a historic opportunity. CIIC will actively strive for international cooperation and promote to build a harmonious world.

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