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   In the real (Group) Company in accelerating the development of the core industries, in the "loyalty, pragmatism, cooperation, forging ahead" in corporate culture, and constantly establish and improve recruitment, development, training, the use of the mechanism.

   In the real (Group) Company in personnel selection, adhere to the advanced human resources management concept as a guide, open up more channels,广纳Qunxian and strive to create the emergence of outstanding talent environment. According to the status of personnel and career development characteristics, through career planning and design, develop targeted training programme, staff education and training as the development of individual potential and build corporate culture, and human resources development, enhance the overall quality of staff, enhanced Enterprise cohesion, and the pursuit of good corporate efficiency and ensure that enterprises and stable development of important measures. In personnel incentives, adhere to the "cause of + benefits" principle, to provide competitive pay benefits.

   It is in the (group) company's business scope, involving real estate, property management, logistics, finance and insurance, hotel and hotel management, park development and other business areas, wholeheartedly welcome the broad masses of people of insight to join together in creating it (Group ), Greater glories.

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